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Friday Fun – Facial Masks

I struggle with my skin care routine and shared that last Friday.  This Friday, I wanted to highlight a product I use that is easy and feels good.  I purchased facial masks from Amazon with some skepticism.  There are 24 of them with various benefits listed on them.


This 24 pack at the time of this post cost under $13.  They feel cool and look a little funny on, but after 20 minutes, I do feel like my skin is refreshed.  I enjoy the way it feels soft and smooth.  I don’t expect miracles from these masks, but to hydrate my skin and just feel a little pampered, it is worth it.

I have used several of them and not had any with an overwhelming smell or anything. There are eye holes that you can leave open to watch tv or read while you relax, but I like to fold the flaps over my eyes and just relax completely.  I definitely like this better than the masks that are creams that harden and then tighten on your face and it is easier to clean up.

If you just want to relax and pamper yourself a little at home for a minimal cost, this is something you can do once a week.  One package is almost 6 months worth.  Again, this is a really simple gift to give someone or break it out and give a few to multiple people in your life.  Enjoy your weekend and relax!

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