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Friday Fun – Family Photos

iris-silver-frame.3c4afde8Family photos are important to capture those special moments.  Digital makes it so easy to take as many pictures as you want.  Then you can email them, post them on Facebook or other social media sites, or just save them to your screen on your phone.

The problem is that so many of them stay on those social sites or on your phone and not viewed on a regular basis.  Even harder is sending them to family members that aren’t technically savvy enough to know what to do with them.  Have you ever sent a photo to a grandparent and then tried to talk them through finding it, saving it, or what to do with it?

Nixplay came up with a solution. They have a product that you can purchase and send your photos directly to the grandparents home for immediate viewing.  They have a variety of frames as pictured above that are wi-fi enabled.nixplay400x400I purchased the one below for myself, my mom, and my mother-in-law.  My sister also owns one.  We set up the accounts for them and now we can select photos in our phone or on our computers and send them to our frame as well as the grandparents.

seed_w13b_black_front_landscape_bluemomdaugher_1024x1024.jpgThis is especially fun for my sister since her children are ages 2-9 and changing all the time.  We all live in different states and can experience the days events immediately.  We sent pictures from a theme park to my mom and she saw them within 5 minutes.

These retail between $140 and $280 with various sizes from 8 inches to 18 inches.  While they are a bit pricey, if you take pictures a lot but struggle to share them with family members, it is a great option.  Plus, they often have discounts if you buy multiples, you receive a discount.  So buy a few for gifts and one for yourself.  They are great for grandparents that are hard to buy for.

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