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Customer Service

Ever feel like customer service at a place is a joke?  I had a couple of belts that should have lasted a while.  They were name brand belts from a store that I trusted.  They were for my spouse and weren’t needed immediately, but soon.

Once they came, I waited for a couple of weeks to give them to him until he said the others were too bad to wear now.  He only used one and wore it for about three weeks and then it just snapped at the hardware.  He was away on a trip, but brought it home so we could return it.  Once home, he got out the other one that was a different brand and he wore it twice before the hardware came off.

The size was fine, it just seems the products weren’t good, but when I went to take them back to the store, I learned they had changed their 90 day return policy to 45 and unwilling to do anything.  Online, it still said they were returnable, so I reached out on chat to inquire about returning them only to learn that they would not accept them.

I stated to the person I was chatting with that I wabelts disappointed in the policy on an item that should have been able to be used daily and last for a longer period of time.  I stated that I would now shop other places with longer policies for such items. The return chat was, “Wow! You are awesome!  You so understand!”  I don’t think they understand that I just said I am not shopping with you any longer for these items or items like gifts where 45 days is a short window.

I know it is up to me to read the policy and for that I own it.  I just assumed it was the same as the past where it had been flexible and one of the reasons I liked the store.  However, customer service needs some lessons on how to retain customers.  It seems like customer service is not the way it used to be.  I am often amazed by the amount of people who don’t say thank you when you purchase something or if I say thank you for them handing me food at a drive thru they don’t acknowledge me.

I was in sales for a long time and attitudes seem to have changed on customer service.  Chick-fil-a is one place that still goes above and beyond with service.  I seem to always have a pleasant experience regardless of which one I go to, but the amount of places that I have that type of experience are fewer.  I think what disappointed me the most about the belt experience is this place is known for customer service.  So my experience didn’t measure up to my expectation.

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