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September 5 Favorites

  1. Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizer – This is a favorite of mine for volume and quickness.  Blow dry normal about 70% dryrevlon and then switch to this for added volume.  Retails $60 – but look at Ulta in October for daily sales they have this on their list at $29.99 for 10/7/18.


2.  Travel – There have been some amazing deals out there lately.  I found a flight from NY to Paris nonstop and roundtrip for less than $300/ticket.  It costs more to fly east coast to west coast.  So if you are looking to travel, shop around.  I used Google flights to play with airports and destinations, but booked the trip directly with the airline.

3.  Skin care – These two can work together well.  Use the microdermabrasion tool and follow it up with one of these facials.  Your skin will thank you.  The masks are under $14.00 for 24.


4.  Photos – Nixplay is a great option for family photo sharing straight to a frame.



5.  Fall Lounge – These pants are soooo comfortable and soft.  They are

lounge pants light weight to wear on cool mornings or evenings now and they keep me warm.  They feel smooth against my skin and great for watching football.




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