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Head Exploding

headexplodingEver have one of these days? or weeks?  This has been my reality since last Friday.  Work is a mess with things that I am supposed to answer to, but are out of my control.  With so many things coming at me, it is hard to focus and prioritize. Then there is family.

While work blows up, my daughter decides that her list of activities for the week are overwhelming and her head is exploding too.  What I want to do is roll my eyes knowing that I would gladly exchange my list for her list, but then I realize that in her eyes, it is overwhelming. She has classes, reports, tests, volunteering, soccer, and a new social group to add into her busy schedule.

So while my work will continue to blow up, it is the end of the day and I decide to shut down the computer and tell people I am not able to take calls late again tonight.  I go in her room and sit down and just talk with her.  I really listen and let her share all of her concerns.  I don’t try to compare them to mine or downplay them.  I just listen.  She was about to cover her head to take a nap before her group meets tonight, but she was open to talking after she knew she had my full attention.

When she was done, I offered for us to just run and grab a bite to eat so she had food before leaving and it gave us some more time together.  Her attitude changed and she seemed to be lighter and laughing again.  So hopefully, I was able to give her the attention she needed and lighten her load.  I didn’t take anything off her plate, but she knows she has support.

As for my work, it is still exploding and probably will all week, but I can’t control it.  So why make myself miserable and leave my daughter miserable.  Instead, I was able to at least make a positive change in the attitudes in my house.

James 1:19 

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.
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