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Friday Fun – Bed Head

Waking up and walking into the bathroom can sometimes be a frightening sight.  I look in the mirror and my hair is all over the place in many directions.  My husband says I have crazy hair if he sees me before I can get to a brush.

The cold months is worse because I use warm fuzzy sheets that cause friction and sometimes spark with static electricity.  I love my sheet.  They are so cozy, but I am not impressed with my hair and the breakage too.

I decided to look into some solutions to my bed head when I came across Slip.  Sslip-pillowcase-e1538788111101.jpglip is a silk pillowcase and I admit a bit of a luxury item.  I really thought about this for a long time.  The king size is around $105 and the queen, $85.  I finally made the purchase when I came across a 20% discount offer.

I must admit, I do love this pillowcase.  It is soft, feels great against my skin, and stays cool.  My hair glides across it and when I wake up, it is not all over the place.  If I styled it the day before, it does a pretty good job of bouncing back with running my hands through my hair. The site has some additional benefits listed that I have copied below.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to reduce signs of friction, stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin
  • Silk fibers promote the longevity hair and facial products
  • Allows skin to glide along the pillow while reducing extra pressure on creased skin
  • Resists pulling of hair cuticles and helps preserve style, volume and length of hair
  • Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts

Slip Pillowcase2

If this doesn’t fit in your budget, Amazon offers another option for $25-$35.  It won’t come in the cute packaging like Slip, but it is a nice alternative.  I notice a difference between the two options, but I still find benefits in the lower priced version.  I bought this version for my college age daughter and she loves it.

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