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Family Bonding – LOL

My children are grown, but still at home while they complete their degree and training for their chosen path.  My daughter talks all the time and barely leaves room for her older brother to participate.  We often have to stop her and make her give him space to talk.

He doesn’t like to talk and spends a lot of time as most his age streaming or playing video games in his spare time.  That doesn’t put him around us as much and he just keeps to himself.  So if we can find something that gets him talking and engaged, we take the time we can with him.

Today, I found myself in that space where he was sitting on the couch with me and we were talking about a program he is about to start for his future.  Then he turned on the television, which is rare for him, but he landed on a program and was ready to settle in and watch it.

I decided to see what it was and try to engage with him about it.  It turned out to be a program about the tournaments within League of Legends (LOL).  I learned way more about it then I ever wanted to know, but I did get an hour of him enthusiastically explaining things to me.LOL

I discovered that the top ranked person makes multi-millions of dollars playing the game.  I also learned that many top colleges provide scholarships to players and treat them like top athletes.  I was amazed by how many people will tune in just to watch these people play video games.

I am sure I am behind, but I have no interest in this game.  However, I do have a strong interest in my son.  So this little bit of time we shared was worth it just to see him talk about it and want to share information.  My husband was a little surprised though when he came in the room and found me watching this program.  LOL!

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