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Impromptu Purchase – Looking for Ideas

AMSTERDAM So a few weeks ago I came across a deal that I couldn’t pass up.  It wasn’t a simple sweater or electronic, it was airline tickets.  I found 4 roundtrip tickets for our family of four to Paris for a total of $1137.  So we are going to Paris!

We happened to have gone last June to visit some friends and this time we are thinking of renting a car and driving through Belgium to Amsterdam and spend a few days.  Then we would come back through Brugge, Belgium for a couple of days before returning to Paris.  In Paris, we hope to meet up with our friends for dinner and a visit.

What we are looking for ideas for is our trip through Belgium and to Amsterdam.  We know that seeing the Anne Frank house is a must.  We have rented a house boat for our stay and were told to take a canal ride.  It will still be cooler weather, March, so what are some other things that we should do?


We loved Paris and plan to take a couple of days there as well, but not as familiar with Belgium area.  We are history buffs, so I know there is a lot of history that we can see and most certainly will.  Since I wasn’t expecting to find a deal that was cheaper to go to Europe than across the United States, we just jumped on it.  We are excited to explore new areas though.

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