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Concerts & Events

Recently, the restrictions on bags to concerts and events has become very strict.  I completely understand that considering the uncertainty of the safety of the attendees.  With so many different acts of terrorism where large crowds are gathered, these would make easy targets.

However, most women in particular, need to have a few items to carry with them and prefer to have a bag of some sort.  I used to carry my purse with no problem and then when they started checking all bags, it was easier to use my camera bag as a purse too. Now, a lot of cameras are restricted and if you are allowed to carry a bag at all, it needs to be clear.

I am going to a college football game soon and with the change in weather, I definitely want to have some items with me. So I decided to look for an inexpensive option to carry to this game as well as future games or concerts.  I finally landed on one from Amazon.

clear bag

I liked this one because it has the shoulder straps and has a zipper to close it up.  It is stadium approved, so it shouldn’t be a problem to take it with me.  The main attraction was the price tag of $7.99.  It also had over 700 reviews and rated at 4.5 stars.

Considering I don’t plan to use this very often since I don’t like my items on display, this was a decent price to pay for the convenience.  I may not need it often, but it is better than worrying about my phone, keys, etc. falling out of pockets.  So if you attend several events, this is an inexpensive option for a pre-approved tote. Oh, and it does come in different colors on the straps, if you want a splash of color.

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