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Coping With Loss

Today is a special day, my grandfather’s birthday.  He was such a strong man in our family and always had something to say.  Unfortunately, we lost him eight years ago to Alzheimer’s disease.

It is a horrible disease that took this man away from us.  It diminished him into someone we didn’t know.  Someone he didn’t know.  He would talk to himself in the mirror thinking it was actually someone there.  He didn’t recognize himself or any of us.

It was sad to watch someone that couldn’t sit still and always had a project to work on to go to someone that just sat and stared.  He loved making quilts at one point so we did get him some blankets with strips on the end that he could tie them into knots.  It was little, but it gave him something to do.  I still have one of those blankets.

When I think of him or my grandmother, I am always sad.  One thing that I found to help me cope with losing them was the following poem.  It became something that my family could hold onto and we all have broken chain ornaments for our Christmas tree.

broken chain

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