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Shopping is my thing!  I love researching and comparing prices to try to get the best deal.  With Christmas coming up, I will be doing a lot more shopping than usual and there is nothing better than those holiday sales….or is there?

Several years ago, I found Ebates and I have been hooked since then.  It is so easy and then I get aEbates deposit into my paypal account every few months.  I prefer to shop online than go to the store for anything I can, including water, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.  If they can box it up and drop it off at my doorstep – perfect!

I am going to be buying gifts and household items anyway so I might as well get paid to shop.  Ebates allows me to do that.  I added the extension on Chrome and it makes it even easier to make sure I get paid to shop.  It alerts me when I have an opportunity and I just click the button and it adds it on then takes me right back to the page I was on.

In the years, I have used it, I have been paid back over $4,000.  Most of this is the first pay out after Christmas each year, but it all adds up.  They have specials from time to time where the stores offer a larger percent back like 10% or 12%.  The rate depends on the store, but if you are going to shop, why not get paid back to do it?


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