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Friday Fun – Warm & Cozy Nights

A year ago, I was looking for some warm sheets that were deep for our mattress.  The problem I always have is that my husband is always hot and I am always cold.  Still after reading many reviews, I settled on True North by Philosophy microfleece sheets at Kohl’s. They were on sale and I had 30% off so they were less than $40 for a king set.

True North

When they came, I was so excited to put them on and try them out.  I made up the bed and then that night, my husband came in and pulled down his side of the covers.  He asked, “What is this?” and immediately expressed he would burn up.  I asked him to please just give it a try. To my pleasant surprise, he admitted he loved them and while they were warm they weren’t too warm and he really liked them.

I have since bought a set for my kids who are adults and they love them and often like to wash and dry them to put them right back on during cold months.  I recently purchased another set for my parents and they loved them too.  Apparently, many people do.  At Kohl’s, they have over 500 reviews and average a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

If you Google them, you will see many places offer them for sale and at this time of year, you may want to shop the deals.  Also, if you don’t want a full set of sheets, you have another options.  True North offers blankets as well.  All of these are great gifts for others or yourself.  Stay warm and cozy.

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