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Friday Fun – Black Friday

I used to be one of those people who would get up at 3am on Black Friday and go stand in line in the freezing cold to try to save some money.  On a few occasions my husband would tag along and on those times, he would go get us coffee and hot chocolate for me while we stood in line.  We enjoyed it being out with the other people scrambling for one of the few items the store had that everyone seemed to want.

On one occasion, I wanted a large screen tv and this was several years ago when we would be going to a flat screen.  My husband insisted we were not getting this item. (They were expensive still at that time.)  However, when standing in line, the store handed out tickets for hot items and when they were passing out the ones for the tv I wanted, we happened to be in the position of the last ticket was either for us or someone else.  Since it came down to that, I looked at my husband and he took the ticket feeling like it was a lottery and we had won.

Now you don’t have to wait in line for a ticket for a good deal on a flat screen tv.  In fact, I don’t go out on Thursday to shop since I can do it at home online.  I don’t even get up early on Black Friday normally, but I do still like to go out.  I just like being in the mix and looking through the items on sale.

This year, we got up earlier than usual at 6:45 and were out by 7am to the mall.  It was surprisingly empty compared to the past.  The couple of stores we wanted to go to and normally had to wait in a long line, we were in and out fairly quick.  It seems a lot of people are doing more online shopping or Thursday evening.

I still refuse to go out on Thanksgiving Day.  It feels wrong that the employees have to work on a holiday that you want to spend with family.  I know they are going to work anyway, but I just like staying home with my family and watching football.  Plus, I can visit more stores online in a shorter time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and scored the Black Friday deals you wanted. And if not, there is always Cyber Monday.

Psalm 95:2  (NLT)

Let us come to him with thanksgiving.
    Let us sing psalms of praise to him.

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