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Anyone else have someone or several someones that is hard to figure out what to give them?  I know I do and every year it gets harder and harder.  We are at that time of year where it is decision time if you need to get something and ship it yourself.

Gift cards are usually my go to and for the past couple of years I turned to Amex for those.  They allowed me to customize the amount and add a name to the card.  This was great for some pre-teen relatives that have everything and ask for large ticket items.  However, this year, Amex did away with the customization of adding a name and picking your dollar amount. So now I must either find another gift card or change it up altogether.

Speaking of those pre-teens/teens now everything on the list this year was a high price item or unrealistic. Items on the list – puppy (parents said no), zipline, iphone xs max, and some name brand clothing or items that started at $98.  Not exactly the range I had in mind since they aren’t my children.

My other problem area is a parent that in recent years has decided not to accept gifts.  The easy thought is just don’t buy any then.  However, I did that one year and then heard complaints about that.  I went to my go to Amex card last year only to learn that it was given away to another relative.  That is fine since the relative needed it, but it is frustrating to play such childish games.

So this weekend as we are counting down to Christmas, I will be looking for ideas to fill these voids.  I know it shouldn’t even be a worry and definitely not a major issue.  It is just the game we play with family at holidays to make sure you don’t upset anyone.  Maybe I should just donate in their name.  Hope everyone else is having a much better time with gifts and a raised holiday spirit!

Luke 11:41  (NLT)So clean the inside by giving gifts to the poor, and you will be clean all over.

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